6 Ways For Men To Hack Their Wardrobe For Spring

Here are 6 simple things I’m doing to make sure I’m looking fresh for Spring – by buying a few more items but hacking existing ones to save money.

With Spring approaching I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe and upcoming weddings.

Here are 6 simple things I’m doing to make sure I’m looking fresh for Spring – by buying a few more items but hacking existing ones to save money.

1. Footwear

In the Summer I generally wear nothing but boat shoes, as I refuse to wear socks when the sun is blazing. Until then, I like to wear desert boots/chukkas. These can be worn with or without socks. They’re light and soft to wear and come in a range of fun colours for Spring.

Tan chukkas are my go-to’s, in fact, I’ve just this minute purchased another pair as my current ones are looking a little worse-for-wear. I also own a light blue pair, suede olive green and a lighter shade of brown.

I currently don’t own a pair of loafers, but loafers are also a great option to wear in Spring.

The weather hasn’t quite caught up with Spring temperatures yet, we’ve just received two snowfalls, one quite heavy one, so my leather boots haven’t retired just yet. So I thought I’d liven up my outfit by switching out my tired drab laces for some funky ones. I went for some bright red laces!
A cool tip that be carried across to different styles of shoes, which isn’t permanent. Contrasting laces even look great in Oxford shoes as well.

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2. Shirts

More often than not I wear an Oxford shirt but as temperatures increase, the tight weave of an oxford shirt can make you quite sweaty. I’m looking to introduce more vibrant coloured polo shirts into my wardrobe. I’m also going to be wearing more open-weave shirts. I’ve got one earmarked for a wedding I’m attending in April too. Open-weave shirts keep you cool all day long since they allow the air to breathe. White and pastel colour shirts are a good choice for Spring.

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3. Chinos

My favourite, the chino. It’s time to go out and freshen up the chino line-up with some brighter colours for Spring. Chinos are great because they can be worn with boat shoes and polo shirts, for a cool summery look.


4. Socks

All those drab coloured socks you got for Christmas can be retired until Autumn. Go out and grab yourself some bright coloured socks to liven up your outfit.

5. Belts

I’ve been wearing a full leather belt up until now but Spring opens up more casual looks so woven belts are a nice alternative. I like the two-toned elasticated braided belts that have leather trim and keepers.


6. Watch Straps

Another easy thing to do is to swap out your leather watch strap for a colourful Nato strap. Nato watch straps are available in hundreds of variations and can be changed for another in seconds. Red/black, blue/yellow, blue/green variations are my favourites.

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