10 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Every Man

Here are my top ten fashion accessories, including how to wear them and when to wear them.
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1. Watch

My first recommendation has to be a reliable watch, with a solid performing movement, which is versatile for everyday use. I also like to change up my watch straps now and then, they’re fun and can make the watch more functional to suit the environment.

I personally love Vincero Watches for their bold take on simple, yet elegant design. If you’re looking for a reliable watch, Vincero Watches are lovingly handcrafted from high-quality materials.

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2. Pocket Square

Pocket squares help you stand out, show you pay attention to detail and add colour to an outfit. They can also dress up a casual outfit – adding one to a sports jacket without a tie for example. I recommend starting out with a simple white pocket square which will match just about anything.

3. Bracelets

Bracelets are one of my favourite ways to accessorise an outfit. I prefer beaded and anchor style bracelets. Just remember to not over accessorise, an entire forearm of leather isn’t a good look. Keep it simple and wear the right size for you. Bracelets add more characters to your style so wear them with confidence.

4. Sunglasses

A good quality pair of sunglasses is a summer favourite. When choosing a pair of sunglasses pay attention to some rules. It’s often not a good idea to match the shape of your face with the shape of the sunglasses. I’ve got a heart-shaped face, a pointy chin and a prominent forehead. So, Clubmaster style glasses work well for me. Round shape lenses are good for rectangle shaped faces. Aviators work with most face shapes but be careful with square-shaped aviators, they’re not good for square shaped faces. Stick with tear-drop aviators. Oh, and remember, make sure your sunglasses aren’t too wide.

5. Cologne

I would never discourage a gift but the best fragrance is one you choose on your own. A well-chosen cologne will enhance your natural smell. Your aim is to wear your cologne every single day so it becomes part of your style. But like most things in men’s style, there are some rules. Do not overuse it. Less is more. The fragrance shouldn’t announce your presence, it should be discovered. That means – nobody should smell you before they clap eyes on you. To get the most out of your cologne you should apply it to the parts of your body that have the highest body temperature. Your chest and neck are a good choice. Give each wrist a squirt, but don’t rub it in. You’ll kill the fragrance. Only apply it to your skin and not your clothes. I won’t recommend any particular fragrances, but I will suggest you go into a department store and try on a few.

6. Neck Ties

A versatile tie collection that will fit in an interchangeable wardrobe is what you’re aiming for. A novelty tie that you’ll only wear at Christmas, isn’t. Start with some solid colour ties in a darker hue. Stay away from black, black ties are for very formal occasions, funerals, black tie events and will only get worn maybe once or twice a year. Go with a dark blue, or medium blue, or dark green. If you want to smarten up a casual look, look at adding some knitted ties to your collection.

7. Tie Bars / Tie Clips

The purpose of a tie bar is to hold your tie to your shirt, not the two parts together. It should be worn just above the halfway point of the tie, not too high up or it’ll lose its function. From a style point of view, tie bars show that you pay attention to detail. Other people who also do the same, will notice you and appreciate you for it.

8. Bold Bright Colourful Socks

The general rule is your socks need to match your trousers. The reason being – it elongates the body. If you own a nice pair of shoes that you don’t mind your angles being drawn attention to, wear some colourful socks. Wear colourful socks to the right venue, not to a funeral, and maybe not in your typical office environment either. Colourful socks are a good conversation starter and can be a reflection of your personality.

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9. Wallet

A functional and presentable leather wallet has always been one of my must-have accessories. Just remember not to overfill the wallet with cash – you need to put this wallet somewhere. Don’t hoard it with receipts and store cards either. Keep it clean and only take the cards out with you that you’ll need.

10. Scarf

Being Winter, the scarf is something I have been wearing every day. The scarf has a function as well as looks. I always tie my scarf with a Parisian Knot – that’s when you loop the scarf and pull one end through the eye of the loop.

11. Confidence

I wanted to tag on confidence to the end. Your confidence is a style accessory. Don’t wear something you don’t feel confident wearing. It will downplay that accessory and you may come across like you’re trying too hard. Own your outfit and not in an arrogant way, feel comfortable in what you are wearing and others will admire you for it.

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