Men’s Shirt Tuck Tutorial – Stay Tucked In

4 Ways To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In
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Here are some tips for keeping your shirt tucked in all day!

Basic Straight Tuck

This is what we all do. We tuck our shirt into our trousers, push it down and smooth it to the back. It works ok if we’re in shape, and didn’t overindulge at Christmas – and haven’t been afraid of the cold to get out and exercise (cough cough Adam). My love handles love to fidget with my shirt and pull it out. The basic tuck also works best with a well-tailored shirt, one that doesn’t have an excess of fabric around the waist. You should aim to have at least 7cms of the shirt beneath your belt line, to lessen the chance of it coming out.

The Military Tuck

The secret of this tuck centres around the problem with excess fabric, as mentioned above. You need to start by putting your shirt on and buttoning it up. Next up, put with your trousers on, but keep them unbuttoned but do your flies up. Then tuck the front of your shirt making sure it is flat with no creases or folds. You’re aiming for a smooth finish. Now you want to take the back of your shirt and pinch it at the seams. Pinch with your thumb and index finger, push the fabric into the fold. Now you can button up your trouser button and it will keep your shirt in place.

Underwear Tuck

If you wear an undershirt or vest, they can cause issues with the shirt by pulling at it. One way to lessen the pulling is to tuck the undershirt into your underwear. Although I find with this method, I’m still faced with the issues found in the basic tuck. I’ve tried tucking my shirt into my underwear but that becomes slightly painful and then there are issues of my underwear showing above my belt line.

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Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays, also called shirt tail garters, are suspenders that clip on to your shirt. There are a couple of varieties, some clip onto the shirt and your socks, thus keeping your socks up and your shirt in place. Others strap around your thigh and clip to the front, side and back of the shirt, providing an even tension. Either way – your shirt isn’t going anywhere. You can hop around, put your shoes on, go for a drive, walk into a meeting and still look great. Just as you did in the mirror this morning. They’re the best option for looking great all day. Perfect for weddings, perfect for work where you have to look smart all day. They’re used in the military and the police force, for this very reason. Shirt stays are fantastic, they provide a slimming effect and will make you appear taller, so you’ll be inundated with compliments.

Shirt Stays are the best option to keep your shirt tucked in all day!

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